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Mitsubishi trucks for sale

Mitsubishi trucks for sale in the Philippines

Mitsubishi is a Japanese auto manufacturer of passenger and commercial vehicles that are best known for their quality and affordability. In the Philippines, it is considered the number one seller of commercial vehicles and the second best seller of passenger vehicles next only to Toyota.

Mitsubishi was derived from the Japanese words "mitsu" meaning "three" and "bishi" or "water caltrop." The same concept can be seen in Mitsubishi's logo design which shows three diamonds making a pinwheel. Recently, the company launched the "Drive at Earth" campaign to reflect their commitment to produce more fuel efficient and eco-friendly vehicles.

The company reported that it owes its success in the commercial vehicle division to the sales of its the popular SUV the Mitsubishi Montero Sport and the double-cab pickup the Mitsubishi Strada, which leads in the light commercial category.

Technology and innovation

Yataro Iwasaki founded the now multinational company in 1870. It started out as a shipping company and it was not until 1917 that it ventured into auto production by releasing its first vehicle- the seven-seater Mitsubishi Model A sedan.

The company is also known for producing durable vehicles that were "built to last.” Some of the vehicles released by Mitsubishi take more than 10 years to have a new generation, not because the company lacks the upgrading motivation, but because their models remain relevant and competitive even when they are not upscaled.

In recent years, Mitsubishi has also added technologies such as Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which improves driving experience and created the Mitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle (MiEV) that optimizes engine performance.

Popular Mitsubishi truck models

Mitsubishi has also ventured into producing trucks and other heavy machineries under its Mitsubishi Fuso and Mitsubishi Canter product lines. These product lines have an industry-best warranty that covers not only the vehicle's engine but also its powertrain for 5 years per 175,000 miles, according to the Japanese automaker. Among its popular products are:

The Mitsubishi Fire Truck is a 6-wheel vehicle used to douse fires and comes in several configurations including a variant equipped with a boom-ladder function. This fire fighter boasts a 6,000 liter water tank enclosed in steel material with partition and baffle plates with vents which optimize storage of air and liquid.

The Mitsubishi Motor Grader is a 6-wheeler used in grading the road, either to maintain it (such as on rough roads) or as part of its construction process for concrete roads. It has a long shovel-like blade which is used to create flat surfaces.

Staying true to its brands commitment to provide vehicles in almost all commercial industries, the Mitsubishi Tourist Bus is a line of coaches and buses which adopt the Fuso brand logo placed under the Aero nameplate, depending on its body size. These buses are used in going around tourist destinations and can accommodate 20 to 30 people.

Availability of Mitsubishi trucks in the Philippines

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) is the local distributor of Mitsubishi products in the country.

Interesting facts about Mitsubishi

One of their well-known vehicles in the Philippines is the Mitsubishi L300 FB, which has been in the country for at least three decades. This multipurpose vehicle can be used to transport paid passengers or products and is a very popular service vehicle among small businesses.

A number of light commercial trucks, such as the Mitsubishi Dropside, are a popular delivery vehicle for industries such as construction and hardware.

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