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14-year Old Boy Sentenced for Murder after Throwing Eggs at Vehicles, Kills 1 in Collision

This is something we don’t normally see everyday. According to, a Texas teenager was charged with murder after an SUV he threw eggs at resulted in a collision that killed the driver.

The 14-year old boy, who was driving an SUV with two teenage passengers on board, smashed into a pickup truck after throwing eggs at oncoming vehicles.

Washington Post  reported that it “caught the attention of a Hispanic male in his late 20s,  driving a Lincoln.” He allegedly showed a handgun to the teenagers and started chasing them. The 14-year old boy lost control of his SUV, “sped westbound on Aldine Mail Route Road,” ran a red light, and smashed into a pickup truck.

The victim killed during the tragic collision is mother of two Silvia Zavala. The 45 year old, who was riding a red Ford F-150 pickup, had just visited her family in town and was returning to her home that day.

“She was about to come home and get her stuff and say bye, and she was about to leave. She couldn’t say bye,” Jessica Gaspar, Zavala’s daughter, told ABC 13 News.

She also revealed to CBS affiliate KHOU-TV that she’s glad the teen is currently facing these charges.

“[The teen driver] did what he did. He took my mother’s life so he has to pay for what happened,” Gaspar said.

The 14-year old boy, who only suffered a broken ankle in the collision, is being charged with felony murder and is staying in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center. The state of Texas hasn’t imposed penalties yet, but it’s known to have one of the strictest punishments when serving murder charges.                     

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