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2019 Hyundai Nexo Fuel Cell Debuts in US

Hyundai introduced a new eco-friendly car for the US market, the 2019 Hyundai Nexo fuel cell electric. The Nexo is described as the new technological flagship of Hyundai’s eco-vehicle lineup. It also previews the Korean automaker’s current progress in its development of zero-emission vehicles.

The 2019 Nexo is equipped with a fuel cell electric power system and is said to have an estimated driving range of 612 km, which is 185 km more than its predecessor. The maximum power output of the Nexo is 161 hp and 394 Nm of torque. Hyundai claims the Nexo can go from 0 to 97 kph in 9.5 seconds.

In terms of dimensions, the Nexo measures 4,671mm long, 1,859mm wide, and 1,631mm tall, along with a wheelbase of 2,789mm. The exterior design of the vehicle is a head turner and quirky in its own way. The front end looks like the vehicle can blend with the reptiles without a problem. The side is characterized by straight and flowing lines while the rear plays on the theme of black-and-white.

Hyundai wants to further make the Nexo as an eco-friendly car by integrating it with ecological materials. The eco materials used in the vehicle includes the following: soybean-oil based polyurethane paint, bamboo-thread-based bio fabric, bio-plastic extracted from sugar cane, and bio-carpet extracted from sugar cane.

The Nexo also comes with several smart tech features such as the Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA). The RSPA is a tech that allows the Nexo to either autonomously park or retrieve itself from either a parallel or perpendicular parking space with or without a driver in the vehicle. The Nexo also has Lane Following Assist (LFA), which is said to be Hyundai’s latest tech feature. The LFA automatically helps assist steering to help keep NEXO more precisely centered in its current lane.

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