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PIMS 2018: Daewoo is Back via Columbian Manufacturing Corporation

Daewoo is back in business in the Philippines, only this time, it’s with a new distributor and it will be dealing in commercial vehicles.

Now distributed by Columbian Manufacturing Corporation (CMANC), the company will showcase at the 7th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) its line of commercial vehicles, including its pure electric truck and its entry to the government’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).

Daewoo PIMS 2018

Leading CMANC’s charge is its BS120SN premium bus. Equipped with a 296 hp, Euro-5 engine and a six-speed Allison Automatic Transmission with retarder, the B120SN has built-in premium features for ultra-comfort and delivers high levels of torque, enhanced fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. Designed as a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) and Airport Transport System, this Daewoo bus models is a safer, easier, and better-quality mass transportation vehicle.

Daewoo PIMS 2018

Also making its Philippine-market debut is the Maximus MCV truck that’s powered by 276 hp, Euro-5 engine and comes with a Full Air Brake System for stronger braking power. It also has a full-floating cab suspension which is designed to give the driver the best riding comfort regardless of the road condition.

Daewoo PIMS 2018

CMANC also has on display its take on the government’s PUV modernization program which has been built following the set Philippine National Standard (PNS). The distributor claims that its modern jeepney is “perfectly matched with diesel, electric motor or hybrid engines.”

Daewoo PIMS 2018

Lastly, CMANC also has its 100-percent pure electric truck that’s “reliable, dependable, and environment friendly.” Utilizing iron phosphate technology, the e-truck has a range of up to 250 kilometers and is “designed to fit seamlessly into your fleet without changing the way you do business.”

Although Daewoo is a Korean brand, CMANC has stated that Daewoo’s newest mass transportation and commercial vehicles will be manufactured locally at the Sta. Rosa Motors Works, Inc. in Santa Rosa, Laguna and that each vehicle is designed to adapt to the country’s tropical climate and challenging terrain.

“Indeed, CMANC is the reliable partner of every Filipino,” the company said at the end of its statement.

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