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8 Best Family Cars for Your Summer Vacation 2016

The moment you open your eyes and find yourself bathing in your own sweat, you know it’s that time of year again. Here come the longer days and warmer nights- it’s officially summer 2016.

As well as the scorching hot weather, company outings, summer getaways, and family reunions are always on the agenda. Generally speaking, it’s either commuting by public transport or renting a car to get you to your destination, but these can be pretty tiring, not to forget very risky for families too.

Not unless you are renting from a trusted car renting company, of course. But if you’re already tired from all the processes and their limitations, maybe it’s time for you to look for your own car.

Here are the 8 best family cars for your 2016 summer outing.

1. Kia Sedona

kia sedona 2016

The Kia Sedona offers a spacious cabin with eight seats making it best for a big family. It is also considered a handsome looking vehicle, even though that word is rarely associated with minivans. The Sedona features an audio system supporting AM, FM, CD, MP3 and SiriusXM, and a 4.3” Screen Audio Display plus four speakers. Thus, it will definitely make long trips for children more tolerable (or even great)!

In the automotive market, Kia is not only known for its affordable prices, but also for its innovative technology which guarantees quality and safety. If you’re looking for a not too pricey but still sturdy family car, this might be the best option for you.

2. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback 2016

After its redesign in 2015, the Subaru Outback 2016 now brags a wider interior. Although the seating capacity is only for five, it offers comfort more than anything else. Not much for a big family, but great for a smaller one, especially with kids.

Packed with safety technologies, the Outback is on a whole new level with its new emergency assistance connectivity. It can detect and break for pedestrians through its forward collision system. Now isn’t this great for families with children on board?

3. Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200 2016

The Mitsubishi L200, being known as a utilitarian vehicle, is one of the best choices on the list. For camping or overnight events which require tents, outdoor or sleeping equipment, the L200’s bed provides good cargo space for all your belongings.

It has enough room for five people including the driver and the front passenger. This double cab pickup is also reasonably priced and definitely gives you more than you asked for.

4. Toyota HiAce

Toyota Hiace 2016

This very long van, without a doubt, is a great fit for big families. With a 15 person seating capacity, it can accommodate one to two families or even more at a push. And although you may be able to squeeze in the whole family, your passengers will never be uncomfortable with the rear end air conditioning system.

The HiAce is also a great choice for long journeys and vacations. It is also possible to carry a lot of luggage without it feeling too crowded inside.

5. Honda CRV

Honda CRV 2016

Although the Honda CRV can only hold 5 passengers, this crossover has generous head space and legroom. The interior and seats are comfortable and accommodating, regardless if you sit in the front or second row.

The compartment in the back is also notably spacious. Its low cargo floor allows easier loading of items. This can be a good choice for small families with plenty of baggage and other items to bring on their travels.

6. Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder 2016

The 2016 Nissan Pathfinder is a 7-seater crossover SUV which has a spacious interior. Even with a children’s car seat inside, it won’t feel crowded as it offers enough room for each passenger. One of the Pathfinder’s most notable features is the stylish and classy design of its cabin. It also has a very user friendly 8-inch touchscreen.

The compartment at the back may not offer maximum space; nonetheless, it is still a good choice if you are a light traveler.

7. Hyundai Grand Starex 12 Seater 

Hyundai Grand Starex 2016

The Hyundai Grand Starex, like the Toyota HiAce, is a great pick for large families. With a ten to twelve seating capacity, it has room for two families or more. It is spacious and very family oriented, hence making it one of the best choices on the list.

The van’s features- an LCD Touchscreen with AM, FM, CD, WMA, MP4 options as well as a DVD player- are great sources of entertainment for passengers. Plus, it also has Aux, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. Surely no passenger will be bored during a long trip.

8. Isuzu Crosswind

Isuzu Crosswind 2016

An all-time favorite, the Isuzu Crosswind is a reliable vehicle for long distance travels. It may have been on the market for quite a while now but it still remains one of the best-selling SUVs in the country.

Although the advised seating capacity of the Crosswind is only seven, it can take up to ten passengers plus the driver. And even then, there is still an ample amount of space for cargo.

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