A 20th Anniversary Honda S2000 Will Attend the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

A 20th Anniversary Honda S2000 Will Attend the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda Access, the Japanese car manufacturer’s accessories arm, is preparing to unveil four presentation cars for next year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. However, one particular car planned for the event is drawing a lot more attention than others—and rightfully so, as the car is a 20th Anniversary edition of the much-revered Honda S2000.

Discontinued in 2009, the commemorative S2000 is sure to leave a lot of onlookers nostalgic. It will appear as a custom prototype decked with exclusive parts to give it some update, with the new parts taking into account customer feedback as to what would make the car more appealing for the current decade.

Based on the first-gen AP1 version, the open-topped prototype S2000 sports a Grand Prix White exterior finish matched with black-tint headlights that complement the blacked out new-look radiator grille. Other cosmetic updates include a black windshield frame, black side mirror covers, ducktail spoiler, side sill spats, and 17-inch Advan RZ2 rims. The suspension system has also been retooled, and a new audio system now resides on the cabin console.

Whether these additions will be made available as options to S2000 owners has not been divulged, but the fact that Honda called this project a ‘prototype’ instead of ‘concept’ is very telling. Add to the fact that Honda relied on customer input to come up with the S2000’s updates, and it’s safe to assume that these tweaks are more than just a one-off.

Honda adds to the sentimental trip down memory lane with a customized EK9 Civic Type R, based on the model’s 1997 version. Nicknamed the Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser 2020, the EK9 tribute reimagines the car for the modern era, and judging from the pervasively neon rendering, the car will come clad with alien headlights, UFO-inspired front fascia, sleek body kit, turbine wheels, and a redesigned rear spoiler.

Honda says that the car "reflects a neo-Japan where the near future and underground are disturbed.” Frankly, we can’t figure out what it means, but we’re fine with it as long as the final look reveals a car that looks as stunning as the teaser.

The 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon runs from January 10 to 12 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City.

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