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Adding Props is the New Modus Operandi of Bundol-Bundol Crooks

Unscrupulous Bundol-Bundol swindlers are getting resourceful when it comes to scamming drivers on the road.

This is especially true when their acting isn’t good enough to convince you that you’ve hit them with your car, such as this one:

Bundol-Bundol Modus Operandi

Bundo-Bundol often happens during heavy traffic when vehicles are slow-moving. The suspect chooses a vehicle, and throws himself towards the car. To make it look convincing, he’d act like he was badly hurt, and then ask for money.

Unfortunately (for them), there are many cases where victims can see through the deception and they get caught.

So they’re adding props to make it look more “realistic.”

Bundol-Bundol “Upgraded”

It’s a newer (and more creative) version of Bundol-Bundol, and they’re now using props to make you believe they’re hit.

Others would go so far as smear your car with red coloring that looks like blood. This is what happened to Kristine Dela Cruz last September 16.

According to Dela Cruz, she was driving along MacArthur highway when she stopped to let a man cross the street. When he was directly in front of her car, he dropped a reddish object on the road, and approached her vehicle. He then smeared her car with red coloring, and called the attention of bystanders about getting “injured.”

“[The] man walked towards us and gave the car hood several “hugs”, taking great care in smearing red stuff all over. During this time, I noticed he had also pre-smeared his temples with the same stuff,” Dela Cruz said on her Facebook post.

Fortunately, a concerned citizen and barangay official were able to see through the deception and escorted the man to the side.

Another Bundol-Bundol version would be to use a bag of rice and throw it out the same time they hurl themselves towards the driver or the vehicle.

And in some cases, they might even threaten to throw a rock at you, like what happened to Dr. Melgar Matulac last September 20. The incident happened at the EDSA-Pasay stretch, particularly in front of a hotel as reported in this video:

Always Remain Alert

If you encounter these types of incidents on the road, the last thing you should do is give these perpetrators money. Instead, offer to take them to a hospital so you can see their reaction.

Police Inspector Don Asuncion of the Regional Public Safety Battalion 3 in Pampanga also advises to stay calm and analyze the situation.

He also added: “Report to the nearest police station or call [the] PNP hotline [by dialing] 117. If in doubt, do not go out of your vehicles until authorities arrive.”

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