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AFTERMARKET: Pioneer AVH-A205BT Car Audio System

Many car owners aren’t satisfied with the audio system that their vehicle came with. If you count yourself among the unhappy ones, you may be shopping for an aftermarket car audio system that delivers the goods. The Pioneer AVH-A205BT could very well be the one you’re looking for.

Pioneer’s new infotainment system delivers greater value than most of its competitors. Packed with nifty features, this entertainment workhorse can transform your mind-numbing commutes into enjoyable journeys. Check out the Pioneer AVH-A205BT’s most notable qualities below:

User-Friendly and Versatile

Pioneer has redesigned the graphical user interface for more user-friendly and even simpler operation. Enlarged icons allow for better visibility and control when pressed. Support for the ubiquitous Media Transfer Protocol ensures greater compatibility with more devices. And it’s got a DVD player.

Superior Customizability

An upgraded 13-band graphic equalizer, plus advanced settings from crossover to time alignment, lets you dial in the sound signature of the receiver closer to your listening preference. Five user-selectable wallpapers and adjustable RGB illumination gives you that extra touch of personalization.

Design Sophistication

This audio system also offers Pioneer’s new Prism design, incorporating a subtle blue backlighting and chrome accent, which injects a refreshingly modern look and feel to the product.

Clear Type Resistive Touch Panel

Wider viewing angles offer superb visual clarity under bright daylight conditions. The high-touch sensitivity screen‘s speed and function is on par with the best capacitive screens in the market.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you’re looking for hands-free calling and music audio streaming, the Pioneer AVH-A205BT has you covered. File browsing can be done through AVRCP 1.5 version of Bluetooth. You can easily search songs in the browsing display. The AVH-A205BT also comes with Direct Bluetooth switching for drivers to quickly toggle between Bluetooth smartphones.

Find the Pioneer AVH-A205BT at better aftermarket stores everywhere or order it online at Lazada PH.

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