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AFTERMARKET: Sparco Steering Wheel Covers

Whether your steering wheel is looking a little worse for wear, or you simply want to realize your racecar driving dreams, the Sparco Steering Wheel Cover is the perfect tool for the job. Much like any other Sparco product, the Sparco Steering Wheel Cover is made from high-quality material. The outer material is stretchable and provides a comfortable grip, so slipping will never be a problem–you can trust your Sparco Steering Wheel Cover to fit snugly onto your existing steering wheel. The PVC logo adds a great finishing touch to the overall package. Here are some key specs:

  • Comfortable grip
  • Universal fit
  • Durable stretch material
  • Anti-fade
  • No unpleasant odor

Genuine Sparco Steering Wheel Covers are sold locally by Blade Auto Center.

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