Alberto Gets Back-to-Back Podium in Honda Thailand Talent Cup Round 3

The sole Filipino rider for the Honda Thailand Talent Cup bagged his back-to-back podium finishes for the two races in Round 3.

Troy Alberto placed second for the first time in the 2019 Honda Thailand Talent Cup. During the qualifying round, he experienced engine trouble as he finished in 5th position.

Despite the difficulties in the qualifying round, Alberto bagged the second spot, trailing Indonesia's Azryan Dheyo Wahyumaniadi by .160 seconds. They were followed by another Indonesian rider, Herlian Dandi.

The next day, Alberto bagged second place again, this time, trailing behind Watcharin Tubtim-on of Thailand with a slim .90 second difference. Dandi, on the other hand, maintained his position as the 3rd place winner.


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