Angry NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Quits Race Halfway; Loses Sponsorship

Bubba Wallace with mom

Richard Petty Motorsports driver Bubba Wallace must be having a really bad day at Sunday's video game simulation of eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series last April 5-- enough to rage-quit in the middle of the race and lose a lucrative sponsorship deal.

In case you didn't know, the term "rage quit" is a well-known gamer term for a player who gets so mad that they prematurely quit the race.

Bubba Wallace From WorlwideTechnology Inc. Youtube Page

Wallace, who was one of the 32 drivers vying for first place in the Food City Showdown at a Virtual Bristol Motor Speedway,  had a messy encounter with one of the racers.

During the 11th lap of the 150-lap race, he was pinned into the wall by Clint Bowyer, and also swung up into Wallace's Chevy Camaro—wrecking it in the process. 

Wallace, apparently fed up by the messy encounter,  quit the race in a fit of rage.

Bubba Wallace at pit stop From Roush Fenway Youtube Page

After the "incident", Wallace took to Twitter and tried to make the best of his rage-quitting by showing that he wasn't taking it too seriously.

Unfortunately, his sponsor, joint/muscle cream company Blue-Emu, was dead seriously peeved. In fact, they were so serious that they decided to pull out their sponsorship of Wallace. 

Ben Blessing, executive vice president of Blue-Emu was even quoted in saying : “Can you imagine if he did that in real life on a track?”

Bubba Wallace From Xfinity Youtube Page

Blessing also told Action Network that they thought sponsoring Wallace was a "blessing in disguise", but found out they aren't sponsoring a professional driver, but someone like  "my 13-year-old son" who broke his controller while building a house in a game.

Too bad for Wallace--Emu company has sponsored his real-life racing team, and just recently signed a multi-year contract to become an official partner of NASCAR.

Goes to show why losing your cool and quitting halfway can make you lose a lot of money--just like that.

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