Apple CarPlay to be more integrated in vehicles

Apple CarPlay

Apple announced that soon, its CarPlay system will be more integrated to a vehicle’s system.


  • What can the next-generation Apple Carplay do?

    According to the tech giant, the next-generation CarPlay will have access to a car's control systems.
  • When will Apple announce the vehicles that are compatible with the system?

    Apple will announce the next-generation CarPlay-compatible vehicles late next year.
  • In a statement, the mobile tech giant said that aside from mirroring the phone’s apps in a vehicle’s infotainment system, the next-generation CarPlay will have access to a car's control systems.

    The company shared that it is set to “provide content for multiple screens within the vehicle, creating an experience that is unified and consistent.”

    Apple said that through forthcoming technology, users can manage the air-conditioning unit and radio controls as well as render the speed, fuel level, temperature on the instrument cluster.

    Further, the operating system will allow personalization of cluster gauge designs and provide at-a-glance information on weather music straight from the car’s dashboard.

    Apple will announce the next-generation CarPlay partner-vehicles late next year.

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