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Are You a Distracted Driver? Here’s a Game to Quickly Find Out

So you think you have laser-like focus on the road? Probably not as good as you think it is. One fun way to really test how well you can tune out everything else while you’re driving is to play KwikFit’s interactive game “Driven to Distraction.”

This interactive game was developed by Kwikfit, a tire retail company from the United Kingdom (UK). It gives drivers a realistic view on how road distractions can affect their reaction time while driving on the road–a common practice that happens not just in the UK, but also in the Philippines.

The game simulates the dangers of using the phone while driving. It gives drivers a better perspective on how just a second of distraction can affect their response time when driving. For instance, if you react one second slower while answering the questions, then it will take you around 12 meters long to stop your vehicle. This increases your chances of colliding with a vehicle or a person, which can lead to an accident.

The mechanics of the game are simple: drivers must click on the screen once they see a ‘STOP’ sign appear during the game. To make it more interesting (and challenging), they need to answer the questions on the phone while looking out for those ‘STOP’ signs ahead. The game counts how many milliseconds it takes for the players to see the ‘STOP’ sign and click on the screen.

“Driven to Distraction” comes in three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The higher the level, the faster the vehicle moves and the questions become harder to answer. This makes detecting those nasty  ‘STOP’ signs more difficult to see. You can learn more about the game by clicking this link.

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