Audi Wants In on Daimler, BMW Autonomous Tech Alliance

Audi Wants In on Daimler, BMW Autonomous Tech Alliance

If the deal pushes through, Audi could soon be joining forces with Daimler and BMW in a three-way partnership that aims to develop high-tech self-driving technologies, a German newspaper reported.

Last July, Daimler and BMW both said that they have partnered to develop highly advanced driverless systems set to make total 'hands-off' driving a reality. The report from a German newspaper claims that Audi's entry into the alliance will be formally announced at this week's Frankfurt Show.

BMW mentioned previously that their partnership with Daimler allows for other automakers and technology partners to join in on the fray.

When fully developed, the cooperation aims to apply autonomous technology in urban areas and city centers to enable level-4 autonomy on highways as well as parking. Daimler and BMW hopes to put their new technology in their vehicles by 2024. The companies expect around a 1,200-strong workforce to work on the joint venture in mixed teams.

Volkswagen, the company that owns Audi, will continue to develop its own autonomous technology with Ford.

Audi, BMW, and Daimler already have a partnership in place when they bought HERE, Nokia's mapping company, back in 2015.


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