Baguio City Mayor Urges Jeepney Drivers to Operate Until 10 PM

Baguio City Mayor Urges Jeepney Drivers to Operate Until 10 PM

Outgoing Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan is urging operators and drivers of public utility jeepneys (PUJ) in this city to strictly comply with the ordinance requiring them to serve commuters until 10 PM.

"We should always place the interest of our people above all other interests. We must always remember (that) the documents granted by the government to our operators and drivers are the certificates of public conveyance. Their operation is endowed with public interest," Domogan said.

Ordinance 133, Series of 2018 extended the operation of PUJs until 10 PM, which is an offshoot of the clamor from the public, owing to increased economic activities in the city that have led to extended working hours, and the 9 PM dismissal of college students.

City Information Officer Dexter See said the mayor has received reports on some jeepney associations failing to comply with the extended time to service the passengers.

See said Domogan has reiterated that the 9 PM dismissal of college students warrants the cooperation of jeepney operators and drivers to extend their operation beyond that time.

This is aside from business establishments closing at 9 or 10 PM, whose employees also need to be serviced by jeepneys.

"It is also important for jeepney operators and drivers to consider the onset of the rainy season, needing readily available jeepney units in the different areas around the central business district to ferry the riding public and prevent the unnecessary compromise on their health," he said.

The information officer said that Domogan again reminded barangay officials that it is part of their responsibility to closely coordinate with officers of jeepney associations servicing their areas to work out a scheme to ensure the presence of jeepney units in their loading areas up to 10 PM.

This is to prevent people from waiting for a long time at night.

Domogan also urged that coordination be done with the Baguio City police to formulate schemes to reduce the impact of traffic on major roads in the city.

Lesser traffic means jeepneys could return to the loading area at the central business district, especially during heavy rains.

See said that jeepneys find it difficult to go to their destinations and return to their points of origin because of traffic jams.

By Ramon Velasquez from Wikimedia Commons

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