Bajaj PH says 3-wheelers are good investment for ‘agripreneurs’

Bajaj Maxima Cargo

Trimotors Technology Corporation (TTC) — distributor of Bajaj three-wheeled vehicles in the Philippines — said that its vehicle offering can be used to support farmers and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.


  • What Bajaj three-wheeled vehicle can be used in the agricultural sector?

    Trimotors Technology Corporation said that the Bajaj Maxima Cargo can be used to support farmers and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.
  • What powers the Bajaj Maxima Cargo?

    The Bajaj Maxima Cargo is equipped with a 236.22cc DTS-i fuel-injected engine.
  • The company said that the Bajaj Maxima Cargo has the capability is sufficient to meet the demands of farmers.

    According to TTC, the Bajaj Maxima Cargo can carry up to 500 kilograms of harvest and is powered by a 236.22cc DTS-i fuel-injected engine that can bring the crops to trade centers faster with less fuel costs.

    The company also cited that the Bajaj Maxima Cargo is a reliable and durable delivery partner, which also cuts down maintenance expenditures. It features a sturdy body and a heavy-duty CV shaft that ensures the vehicle’s longevity.

    Bajaj Maxima Cargo

    Further, TTC said that the basic preventive maintenance service with Bajaj Maxima Cargo can go as low as P200 for units that are under warranty. Aside from that, the local distributor said that its more than 800 shops nationwide are offering AfterCARE service.

    Moreover, TTC noted that the Bajaj Maxima Cargo’s high ground clearance can withstand tough terrains and unpaved road, making the three-wheeler easier to bring wherever it needs to be.

    After bringing the “Bajaj AliwONE: Ang Number 1 Three-wheeler Roadshow” in the Davao region last September 16-17, TTC said that it will be visiting more areas in the near future.

    “Upgrade your farming business with Bajaj – grab yours for as low as P25,000 down payment,” TTC encouraged.

    Photos from Trimotors Technology Corporation

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