Bentley Goes Green with a New Water Recycling System

Bentley Goes Green with a New Water Recycling System

Luxury car brand maker Bentley Motors is making another environmentally-sustainable move by launching a new water recycling system at its site in Crewe, Cheshire.

After recently achieving the title of UK's first carbon neutral luxury automotive factory, Bentley is now setting the bar higher by reducing water, energy use, and carbon emissions with its new recycling system. Eventually, their main goal is to be the most sustainable luxury car manufacturer.

Saving water

Currently, the company uses a lot of water during the manufacturing process. Bentley, which prides in its high quality paint finish, uses reverse osmosis treatment to ensure their water is free from contaminants. This treatment uses high-pressure pumps to take out the contaminants to create very pure water in the process. Maintaining a this purity level needs three liters of water drawn into the reverse osmosis treatment, with only one liter of water used.

Using Bentley's new recycling system allows them to use two liters of pure pure water instead of one.

“Our site in Crewe designs, engineers and manufacturers luxury cars for export all over the world. Water plays a vital part in a number of our manufacturing processes, but it’s also a natural resource, so reducing our consumption and reusing as much as we can is a key part of our philosophy. The new recycling systems we’ve installed help us to meet that objective – whilst still manufacturing cars of the highest quality," explained Peter Bosch, Member of the Board for Manufacturing.

Recycling water

Bosch also added that using the water recycling system will allow them to collect around 350,000 liters of water this year -- enough to help them maintain their site.

"For example, we wash over 16 miles of internal routes every day to ensure that our factory is in immaculate condition – and look after our plants and grounds carefully."

So what's the next stop for Bentley Motors?

"The project is a great example of the innovative thinking our colleagues are coming up with to reduce the impact of our site on the environment – and our next focus point will be to capture even larger volumes through rainwater harvesting."

Bentley is the global leader in luxury car manufacture. Located in the UK at Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, the company globally employs more than 4,000 people who design, engineer, hand-build and market their vehicles.

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