Bentley set to demonstrate 'adaptive music'


Bentley announced that it will showcase a demo car that will feature "adaptive music."

The British carmaker said that the demo vehicle will provide the baseline data needed to develop the system for Bentley’s first full battery electric vehicle (BEV).


According to Bentley, the vehicle can generate “a live composition of instrumental music in real time, enhancing the emotional experience of every journey.”

The luxury automotive brand has partnered with LifeScore, industry experts in the field of adaptive audio. The goal, says Bentley, “is to have music that adapts to the ever-changing driving conditions and the driver’s style — from relaxed grand touring to energetic, spirited driving on dynamic roads.”

Both companies are now working together to create algorithms that allow vehicle inputs to influence the musical composition played by the vehicle’s audio system. Factors like RPM and acceleration will be used to affect the music played based on the driving situation.

The algorithms are designed to create individualized compositions that “flow through themes and variations achieved by maximizing coherence, minimizing repetition of cells and other AI-techniques.”

Bentley also reveals several modes including “Cocoon” and “Enhanced.” The former offers a more calm and relaxing soundtrack while the latter creates a highly reactive and more exciting auditory experience.

The company says that this true driver-vehicle-music synchronization is an industry first, although Porsche has recently announced that they are working on a similar technology the German carmaker calls “Soundtrack My Life.”

Porsche conducted initial testing of this technology on the Macan.

Nevertheless, what Bentley has to offer looks to be more upscale as the adaptive soundtrack featured in the demonstration Bentley is recorded by world-class musicians playing contemporary and classical instruments using cutting-edge technology for recording. The scores, says the carmaker, are done at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.


Building blocks are laid by composers and musicians as raw material which the vehicle will then select, combine, layer, and sequence together to produce the final music in real-time.


The audio elements are recorded in fully ambisonic (full-sphere surround sound) audio using more than 50 microphones to provide for all possible future formats.

A sound bank library will hold a comprehensive suite of audio data and recordings. 

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