BMW invests in DeepDrive

bmw invests in deepdrive 2

BMW announced that it has invested in DeepDrive through its investment arm, BMW i Ventures.


  • How much money has BMW invested in DeepDrive?

    BMW has invested US$16.1 million (P871.694 million) in DeepDrive.
  • What other companies have invested in DeepDrive?

    BMW revealed that companies such as UVC Partners, Bayern Kapital with Wachstumsfonds Bayern, and Continental’s Corporate Venture Capital Unit, have also invested in DeepDrive.
  • DeepDrive is a German company that specializes in developing electric drives.

    bmw invests in deepdrive 1

    The radial flux dual-rotor electric motor includes power electronics and can be installed in any vehicle as a central drive or as an in-wheel drive. The patented technology increases the range of vehicles, achieves high torque density, is cost-efficient to manufacture, and requires fewer natural resources; in turn, reducing environmental impact.

    BMW has invested US$16.1 million (P871.694 million) to help DeepDrive with its plans to start manufacturing its motors, increase its headcount to respond to the high demand from OEM customers, and win first series commitments.

    Other investors that have provided DeepDrive funding include UVC Partners, Bayern Kapital with Wachstumsfonds Bayern, and Continental’s Corporate Venture Capital Unit. The company is also backed by renowned automotive manager Dr. Peter Mertens.

    bmw invests in deepdrive

    “With its patented and unique e-motor architecture, DeepDrive could set new standards for e-mobility. The highly efficient e-motors offer major advantages in terms of weight, cost, and space. They enable the next generation of efficient and resource-saving electric vehicles. DeepDrive's e-motor technology is designed for easy and cost-effective mass production. We are pleased that our involvement can help this new technology achieve a breakthrough,” said BMW i Ventures Managing Director Marcus Behrendt.

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