Bosch to launch new vehicle lightbulb products on 12.12

Bosch Gigalight Plus 120

Bosch announced that it will be launching its latest lighting products for four-wheeled vehicles in time for the famous online shopping sale this month. 


  • What are the latest lighting products that Bosch Philippines will be introducing this month?

    These are the Gigalight 120, 150, the Sportec Bright 4000K and the LED Retrofit.
  • When and where can customers buy these products?

    These will be available in Bosch’s Official Lazada and Shopee pages starting December 12, 2021.
  • In a statement, Bosch said that it will be introducing 4W (four-wheeler) lightbulbs namely Gigalight 120, 150, the Sportec Bright 4000K and the LED Retrofit that will deliver the ultimate illumination ideal this coming December 12, 2021.

    Made with high-quality materials, these lighting components will make night driving safer — whether for city driving or on a long road trip under the evening skies.

    Bosch Gigalight Plus 150

    “To see and to be seen in the dimmest of areas are crucial to the prevention of unwanted accidents,” said Bosch Philippines Automotive Aftermarket Country Sales Director Paulo Duarte was quoted as saying.

    “Enabling motorists with components that are of optimal quality and of standard are essential to making roads safer. The Bosch Bulbs Gigalight 120, 150, the Sportec Bright 4000K and the LED Retrofit will provide motorists the luminosity they need to vividly see road signs or obstacles ahead, in under any weather circumstances.”

    Gigalight 120 and 150

    The Gigalight Plus 120 dishes out up to 120-percent more lighting compared to standard halogen bulbs. With its intense white light, the Gigalight Plus 120 can recognize potential hazards ahead even in extreme weather conditions.

    On the other hand, The Gigalight Plus 150 has 150-percent more illumination and provides stronger brightness with its pure xenon gas and optimized filament size. Its luminosity is white and daylight-like that can be helpful in early detection of obstacles and lane markings.

    Bosch Sportec Bright 4000K

    Sportec Bright 4000K

    The Sportec Bright 4000K gives off a white light output with its blue-coated bulb and 4000-Kelvin color temperature. Designed for a stylish headlight upgrade, this lightbulb’s brightness can penetrate through rain or fog – making it the perfect lighting when driving in rural areas. The bulb is also certified by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), making it suitable for European-manufactured vehicles.

    Bosch LED Retrofit

    LED Retrofit Headlight Bulbs

    Lastly, the Bosch LED Retrofit provides a trouble-free upgrade from halogen to LED with its plug-and-and play installation. It saves energy consumption up to 80 percent compared to halogen, brightness of 2300 Lumens.

    All these will be available for purchase online on 12.12 at Bosch’s Official Lazada and Shopee pages.

    Photos from Bosch Philippines

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