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Bugatti Celebrates 110th Anniversary with Limited Edition Chiron Sport

French high-performance vehicle manufacturer Bugatti recently announced a special limited edition of the Chiron Sport as part of its 110th anniversary as a brand. Dubbed as the ‘110 ans Bugatti,” the ultra-exclusive car will have a run of just 20 cars.

Aside from being an anniversary car, the 110 ans Bugatti is also designed to celebrate the company’s rich French heritage. Much of the supercar’s exterior elements follow France’s tricolor flag of blue, white, and red. The most prominent use of these colors can be found on the underside of the movable rear wing, on the stripes on the door mirrors, the aluminum filler caps on both sides of the car, and on the seats. The steering wheel also receives the French flag treatment on the upper center portion of the rim.

As for the rest of the car’s modifications, the bodywork has also been made lighter than the car it’s based on. Lightweight wheels, thinner glass, and more carbon fiber panels help achieve this. The quad-turbocharged W16 engine remains intact, although the suspension and steering was retooled.

The 110 ans is characterized by a subtle two-tone color scheme, employing a Steel Blue Carbon finish for the front carbon fibers and Steel Blue matte paint at the rear. Blue brake calipers behind matte black wheels round off the most obvious exterior changes.

Inside, the leather interior matches the hues found on the exterior–almost every surface is upholstered in deep blue leather, though the seats and seatbelts match the brighter blue hue of the brake calipers. And while the Sky View glass panel roof is an option on the original Chiron, it is made standard here.

Bugatti then crowns all these luxury appointments with a solid silver medallion fitted to the center console.

Release date and pricing information for the 110 ans Bugatti are yet to be announced.

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