Built to carry businesses: Kia K2500 double cab

Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside

Kia Philippines prides itself on its commercial vehicle entry, the K2500. For one, it is the only vehicle in its class that offers 4x4 capabilities.


  • How much is the Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside?

    It is priced at P1.06 million.
  • Is the Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside a good buy?

    Considering the price and being the only model in the category that offers 4x4 capabilities, buyers may consider getting one for their businesses.
  • But is that all the Kia K2500 can provide? The author was caught in a surprise with what it can do following a short media drive using the K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside variant last week to Batangas.

    Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside


    This vehicle is 4,825mm long, 1,740mm wide and 2,105mm tall with a 2,415mm wheelbase. Its front and rear overhangs are 1,205mm and has a ground clearance of 200mm, which means this vehicle can easily tackle uneven and unpaved roads of the rural areas (although a typical middle-aged man might have a difficult time getting into the vehicle).

    The 1,204-kilogram payload capacity of the Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside could mean more money with fewer trips. The maximum cargo weight capability of this model is just 31 kilograms short of the total carrying capacity of the Kargo and Karga trims. 

    Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside with other variants


    Same as with all the other vehicles in the same category, the Kia K2500 features a no-frills design. The vehicle still dons the previous Kia logo design above the huge faux vent on the front panel. Open it and it gives access to the vehicle’s engine coolant and air-conditioning system.

    At the bottom of the front fascia are the real vents flanked by black plastic housings where fog lamps are supposed to be placed.

    The wheels wrapped around the 15-inch steelies seem to be quite small and narrow for the vehicle, given that it is designed for off-roading too. But despite that, the Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside was still able to conquer the muddy ruts and rough landscape during a test drive at the General’s Farm.

    Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside


    On the inside, the Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside was purposely-built to be a low-maintenance workhorse and it definitely played the part well.

    Its seats are covered in vinyl, while all others are on hard plastic, making it easy to clean. Aside from that, the positioning of the steering wheel and shift knobs are of comfortable distance, guaranteeing better ergonomics for the driver.

    Further, the vehicle emits relatively low noise and vibration even if the front occupants are literally sitting on top of the diesel engine.


    This trim — as well as the other K2500 4x4 variations — is powered by a 2.5-liter common rail direct inject, intercooled, turbocharged diesel engine that can provide 128hp and 255 Nm of pulling power. It enabled the vehicle to run over twisty uphills and lumpy patches while providing fast travels on highways and city roads.

    Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside


    Truth be told, the Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside does not come riddled with any exciting features. It has maintained its commercial vehicle stance and did not try to be a personal car.

    The middle seat in front, when not in use, offers a pair of cupholders and a tray for increased stowage. The front doors feature power windows, while manual cranks are fitted at the rear.


    Consider the pricing of P1.06 million for the Kia K2500 Double Cab 4x4 Dropside as a sound investment. Providing carrying capabilities for both cargo and manpower, the vehicle can help rake in good money for one’s businesses.

    Throw in the three-year or 110,000-kilometer warranty, the three-year free 24/7 Roadside Assistance and ensured readily-available parts in all its service centers, downtime would surely be kept to a minimum, assuring more earnings to its owners.

    Photos from Kia Philippines, Ruben D. Manahan IV

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    KIA K2500
    ₱978,000 - ₱1.28 Million Emi Starts : ₱16,778

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