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Call Me Out is a Smartphone App that Helps Reduce Distracted Driving

Are you using the machine or is the machine using you? This question might be a nice thing to think about especially to individuals who can’t seem to let go of their mobile phones. Some are so attached to their phones that they can’t let go of it even while driving. To help raise awareness and reduce the cases of distracted driving, Chevrolet developed the Call Me Out app.

Before going into details, we previously published a story saying that Millennials (ages 25 to 34) have a better control in resisting the urge to use mobile phones while driving as compared to Adults (ages 35 to 45). The study was conducted by Volvo USA and The Harris Poll and it further stated that 71-percent of Americans use their phone while driving and identified the Adults as “the most prevalent distracted drivers.”

Most of us probably agree that distracted driving is not safe as this could lead to uneventful result. In fact, 55 percent of American motorists consider distracted driving as the top threat to road safety safety as compared to driving under the influence. This is the reason why the Call Me Out app was created–to help remind new and experienced drivers to “keep their eyes on the road and put their phones down while they are driving.”

Call Me Out features an audible alert system that uses the voice recording of your family and/or friends. The voice recording will remind or call you out when your phone’s GPS detect that you picked up your phone when driving above 8 kph. Yes, the app plays recorded, personalized messages from friends and/or family to help keep your focus on the road. The Call Me Out app also comes with a scoreboard and rankings. Your ranking will improve as long as you don’t pick up your phone while on the road.

Come to think of it, the concept behind the said app is simple yet it has the potential to be effective. Who wouldn’t be scared when you hear your wife or husband call you out for picking up your phone while driving, right?

The Call Me Out app is available for Android phone users and it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

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