Car care 101: When is the best time to replace your windshield wipers?

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Your car’s windshield wipers, although often overlooked, are important. They are your first line of defense when driving under heavy rain and also help you get rid of small debris that could potentially block your view.


  • How does a wiper help a driver?

    A wiper can keep your view of the road clear even during heavy rains, and remove debris that can block your view.
  • Where can customers get Valeo wipers?

    They can get it from authorized BSB Junrose resellers.
  • On that note, it’s important to make sure that your car’s windshield wipers are in good working condition. Today, we’ll look at when is the best time to replace your wipers.

    When you see streaks on your windshield

    One of the tell-tale signs you need to change your wipers is when you notice skips and streaks of rubber in your windshield. It’s normal to see small smears on your windshield from time to time but obvious marks could mean that the rubber is failing.

    Not only can it distract you when you’re driving but it can also mean that the rubber is not making contact with the windshield and may not properly clean it.

    When you hear too much squeaking

    Another sign that you need to replace your wiper is when you hear too much squeaking. It’s normal to hear squeaking noises when you turn on your windshield wiper but excessive noise could mean that there’s something wrong.

    When you notice obvious cracks

    In some cases, you’d see obvious cracks in the rubber when closely inspecting your wiper. It can be due to exposure to the elements causing the overall integrity of the wipers to decline, ultimately affecting their performance.

    Before the rainy season

    Given the country’s climate, many motorists typically replace their windshield wipers before the rainy season. Those who expect to be on the road facing torrential rains should be properly equipped with a properly working wiper when they head out to drive.

    Luckily, replacing your windshield wipers is easy. Any car owner can take care of their wipers and change the blades without having to take your car to the casa. The market also offers a wide variety of replacement windshield wipers, like Valeo First.


    Valeo First is made by Valeo, a European tech and automotive parts company. Valeo offers automotive wiper systems that include a complete range of windshield wipers. Its products are meticulously designed and manufactured to be efficient, attractive, and easily adaptable for any type of vehicle in the Philippines and even in the entire Southeast Asian region.

    Valeo manufactures over 100 million wiper blades annually — distributed in 33 countries, including the Philippines. Its wiper blades are synonymous with superior performance, durability, and best design.

    “We are proud to distribute Valeo windshield wipers in the country. The brand’s promise to bring ‘Smart Technology for Smarter Mobility’ naturally aligns with BSB Junrose’s commitment to providing only the best automotive supplies to vehicle owners in the country,” said BSB Junrose President Benjamin Bangayan Jr.


    Visit any of BSB Junrose’s authorized resellers now to inquire about and purchase Valeo windshield wipers. Check out the Valeo Official Store page on Lazada and follow them on Facebook (VOSPH) for their latest updates.

    Photos from ZigWheels and BSB Junrose

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