Castrol introduces Power1 Ultimate Full Synthetic Engine Oil line

The new Castrol Power1 Ultimate Fully Synthetic engine oil for motorcycles

Castrol Philippines, Inc. has launched its latest fully synthetic engine oil line designed specifically for motorcycles.

Considered to be the company’s best two-wheeler engine oil to date, Castrol Power1 Ultimate Full Synthetic Engine Oils were engineered to meet the demands of motorcycle enthusiasts who want better performance and acceleration for their ride.

The Castrol Power1 Ultimate Full Synthetic Engine Oils are designed to meet five performance components namely, improved acceleration, increased engine wear protection, smoother rides, better engine cooling properties, and extended service life.

The new Castrol Power1 Ultimate Fully Synthetic engine oil for motorcycles

Castrol Philippines Country Head Maria Tañada assured that the newly-launched product would help boost motorcycle performance . “The new Castrol Power1 Ultimate is the product of Castrol’s liquid engineering expertise meant to dramatically enhance the riding experience with more power and acceleration that riders can feel,” Tañada said.

“Discerning professionals and enthusiasts are at the forefront of Power1 Ultimate, inspiring its potent five-in-one formula that makes it among the best performing motorcycle oils that the world has to offer… Serious riders must try out Castrol Power1 Ultimate to experience a whole new meaning of superior performance and acceleration,” she added.

In a statement, Castrol Philippines claimed that the new Power1 Ultimate “has undergone rigorous testing in its development, and has been formulated to deliver optimal performance while at the same time preserving engine quality.”

In its presentation, Castrol Philippines shared that the Power1 Ultimate’s formulation delivers outstanding performance in five key areas:

  • Acceleration: Upon testing on a Honda CBR300 and Honda ANC125 engines, the new formula enabled the bikes to accelerate ahead of those with other lubricants,
  • Better protection: Provides 50 percent better protection against wear across bikes and scooters,
  • Smooth riding: Enables smooth riding over various engine speeds and makes sure that the clutch does not slip or jerk,
  • Keeps the engine cool: It keeps the engine cool even in an extreme 12,000-km test, demonstrating brilliant temperature control performance,
  • Enduring performance: The latest formula maintained 95 percent of its original performance in a 48,000-km racetrack durability test.

The new Castrol Power1 Ultimate Fully Synthetic engine oil for motorcycles

“Being among the best that Castrol and the world has to offer in two-wheeler lubricants, we are thrilled to finally introduce the Castrol Power1 Ultimate range in the country to empower Filipino riders to push towards new boundaries in their riding experience,” Tañada noted.

Retailed in one-liter packages and offered in three different viscosities: the price for the  new Castrol Power1 Ultimate range are as follows:

  • 5W-40 bike variant: P415
  • 5W-40 scooter variant: P450
  • 10W50 super bike variant: P530.

To find out more about this new range of engine oils, please visit

Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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