Cebu-Based Mechanics Boost Their Skills through Castrol’s Partner for Life Advocacy Program

Being the best at anything requires hard work and determination. Cebu-based mechanics from Super Racing Cycle Enterprise have proved this adage, garnering the top spot in the recently-concluded 2018 Partner for Life culminating activity where they demonstrated their advanced skills in motorcycle troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair.

Castrol Partner for Life

Besting over 1,000 teams nationwide, motorcycle shop Super Racing Cycle Enterprise represented by mechanics Diomedes Cogay, Ernesto Gualiza, and Roldan Cogay, and shop owner Jonard Tan, were declared the winners of the 2018 Castrol Partner for Life competition.

The team began their journey to victory in 2016, where they qualified for 1st runner-up at Partner for Life in 2016. With a strong determination to further improve themselves as motorcycle mechanics and win the competition, the quartet eventually took home the title of 2018 Castrol Super Mechanics, making use of the skills and teamwork that they developed over time.

Super Racing Cycle Enterprise is the third Cebu-based team to win the competition since Partner for Life was launched in the Philippines in 2013.

"We are delighted to have such a strong team emerge as the 2018 Castrol Super Mechanics. They've exemplified outstanding performance from start to finish," said Maria Tañada, Country Sales Director, Castrol Philippines. "We look forward to helping them hone their skills further and share what they have learned with other mechanics in Cebu. Hopefully, they can encourage and become an inspiration for other mechanics to become better at their own craft."

Resulting from years of dedication, the team gained extensive knowledge around motorcycles and two-wheeler mechanics. The tests, courses, and challenges designed by Castrol fine-tuned their skills in various areas, including motorcycle troubleshooting and maintenance, customer servicing and handling, and use of motorcycle oils.

"Nahasa ng husto ang aming kaalaman dahil sa Partner for Life program. Natutunan namin ang tama, makabago, at teknikal na paraan ng pag ayos ng mga motorsiklo na siya naming ginagamit ngayon sa mga motor ng customer namin (The Partner for Life program developed our skills more than we could imagine. It taught us both proper and updated handling of motorcycles, the technical knowledge backing these practices, and methods to best care for our customer’s bikes)," said Diomedes Cogay, member of 2018 Castrol Super Mechanics.

"Nabigyan kaming lahat na kasali sa programa ng opporutinidad na iangat ang aming kakayahan na makakatulong sa aming kabuhayan sa mahabang panahon (It has given us and all participating mechanics, winners or not, the opportunity to improve our ability and the means to achieving better livelihood for many years to come)," Cogay added.

The 2018 Partner for Life national final event was a culmination of Castrol's annual search for the best motorcycle mechanics in the country. With over 4,000 participants from different regions of the Philippines, Partner for Life put the mechanics through a series of theoretical and practical tests around motorcycle anatomy and troubleshooting, and lubricants.

Since kicking off in March 2018, the competition has tested the skills the mechanics gained over Castrol's comprehensive training modules, which covered Basic Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) for Scooters, Bearing and Lubrication Training (with Castrol partner Koyo Bearing), motorcycle troubleshooting-guide, and customer service. Qualifiers of the national final event were put through a practical maintenance exam on the Yamaha Mio, the most challenging leg of the competition.

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Castrol Partner for Life

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