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Continental Wants to Make Electric Vehicles More Efficient

Tech company Continental has come up with a new invention dubbed Thermal Management, which is said to make electric vehicles (EV) more efficient.

Thermal Management is responsible for the optimum generation and flow of heat in EVs. As such, Continental says EVs will offer more electric range during “very cold or hot” temperature. This can be achieved as the Thermal Management protects the battery charge level and it also speeds up the charging time. Continental is already supplying energy-efficient pumps and sensors to make Thermal Management more effective. The company adds that these are complemented by new Coolant Flow Control Valves (CFCV), which adjusts the heating and coolant circuits. Continental claims that the Thermal Management can improve the EV’s range by up to 25 percent. The CFCV can adjusts the flow between two to four coolant circuits. As a result, this will effectively distribute the flow of heat.

With the Coolant Flow Control Valve product family, Continental offers a full range of solutions for thermal management that increase the efficiency and range of vehicles while improving comfort,” said Head of Continental China Powertrain Sensors & Actuators Peter Biber.

Continental launched the Thermal Management tech at the 2018 Global Future Mobility Conference & Expo last September 20 in the Hangzhou International Expo Center in China.

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