Cookie Monster's Voice Will Now Give You Directions in Waze, But...

Cookie Monster's Voice Will Now Give You Directions in Waze, But...

Are you a fan of Cookie Monster? If you said yes, then you would surely enjoy this news. Waze, a GPS navigation app that works on smartphones and tablets, is now adding the voice of this lovable monster in its long list of celebrity voices. So yes, you will now hear Cookie Monster's raspy voice telling you to turn left--perhaps to the corner bakery or delicatessen.


According to, this popular Sesame Street character is just the latest in a long string of celebrity voices that will give you directions in Waze's navigation app. Some of the celebrities already included in this "illustrious" list are Morgan Freeman (the best voice for us), Liam Neeson (which we think is the second voice here, so far), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shaq, Elvis Presley (they apparently resurrected him from the dead), and yes--Star Wars' C-3PO (imagine that).

Just for those who don't know, Waze is navigation app that downloads location information over a mobile network. It gives users the travel times, driving directions, traffic reports, and even road reports about accidents, police traps, or any other hazards along the way.

How to change the Waze voice to Cookie Monster

To change the voice in your app, just launch Waze > Tap the magnifying glass icon found at the bottom left side of the page > Tap the Settings button at the top left > and then Select “Voice & Sound” from the menu.

This will take you to the Voice menu. Tap “Waze Voice” to see all your options. Click Cookie Monster, choose the language you want him to use--and that's it. Now you have Cookie's guttural voice riding alongside you, day by day.

We don't know how long Cookie Monster's voice will be available on the app, since celebrity voices are special editions that have limited shelf lives in the app.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately, Cookie Monster's voice is not available locally in the Philippines. According to a post on Waze's online forum, the voice is "only available in limited territories and for a limited time." So if you're in the United States, have fun and bring some cookies with you!)

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