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Dashboard Camera on All Vehicles Soon a Reality

A pending measure at the House of Representatives named House Bill No. 6265, also known as the Dashboard Camera Act of 2017,  seeks to make dashboard cameras or ‘dashcams’ mandatory to all vehicles.

If passed, the bill will require all manufacturers to equip their vehicles with dashcams before putting them on the market. All vehicles on the road will be required to have a dashcam as well.


The role of the LTO and LTFRB

The bill gives the Land Transportation Office (LTO) the authority to refuse the registration of any vehicle without a dashcam. Likewise, the bill also empowers the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to reject operators of public utility vehicles (PUVs) applying for a franchise if they do not comply with the dashcam requirement. PUVs with existing franchises will not be renewed if they fail to comply with the new requirement.

PUV operators are given up to six months to comply with the Dashboard Camera Act of 2017 once the government issues  its implementing rules and regulations.

Videos of accidents are considered confidential. This means that their use, viewing, disclosure, or publication is prohibited, except when used as evidence. The LTFRB is tasked with maintaining an archive of all videos that can be used as evidence in a dispute or legal case.

There will be fines

The failure to install a dashcam can mean a hefty fine for PUV operators and vehicle owners. Schedule for the fees is as follows:

  • First offense – P5,000
  • Second offense – P10,000
  • Succeeding offenses – P15,000 and possible revocation of driver’s license

Those who tamper with dashcams, or fail to provide videos to the LTFRB upon order may also be compelled to pay a fine. Meanwhile, those who violate the bill’s video confidentiality clause may face up to P2 million in fines and/or jail time of up to three years.

The House Committee on Rules forwarded the bill to the Transportation Committee last August.

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