Delivery Man, Security Guard Take Down Hit-and-Run Driver

A pizza delivery man and security guard helped to pursue a motorist who hit two Chinese pedestrians in Makati City on the evening of February 2, Saturday.

The two Good Samaritans cornered Christian Roy Luna Marcos, driver of the red Hyundai Tucson that rammed the two Chinese nationals, after a car chase within the Makati Central Business District.

The Makati City Police (MCP) said that Marcos drove the red Hyundai Tucson, with plate number NAF 9752, along HV Dela Costa from Makati Avenue when he struck the victims along Tordesillas St. at 9:50 PM and fled the scene of the accident.

MCP said the victims, Liu Lei and Bing Ting, both 24 years old, were rushed to the Makati Medical Center for treatment of their injuries.

Reporting on the incident, MCP said pizza delivery guy Jomar Gadon Malabja saw the accident and pursued Marcos using is motorcycle.

While in pursuit, Malabja crossed paths with security guard Gennefred Macahilo, who was also on a motorcycle patrolling Salcedo Village.

Malabja sought Macahilo's help in chasing after Marcos, and the two men blocked the car of Marcos upon reaching the corner of Legazpi St.

The men accosted Marcos and turned him over to the MCP.

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