Devel Releases Short Vid of 5,000-HP Car Driving at a Measly 65 KPH

Devel Releases Short Vid of 5,000-HP Car Driving at a Measly 65 KPH

Middle-eastern hypercar maker Devel has been busy working on a car that it claims can do 5,000 hp and 500 kph. The last time people heard something new from the development car, named Sixteen, was back in the early half of 2018, when the brand released a video of the car at 20 percent throttle.

So what has Devel been doing with the car since then? Naturally, it's been making the car undergo a barrage of tests before it goes into production, which is said to happen this year. For those interested, the Devel Sixteen has a two-year-long waiting list and a price range of USD1.6 million to 2.2 million (PHP83 million to 114 million). Check out the car's latest video below:

Devel plans to make three different versions of the Sixteen, starting with a 2,000-hp V8 base model, then a mid-range street-legal 3,000-hp V16, and the range-topping, track-only 5,000-hp variant.

Unfortunately, none of the videos can confirm the car's stated capabilities. And the second one is even more disappointing than the first, with the Sixteen moving at a leisurely pace on a stretch of desert road.

Observers are speculating that the new vid has something to do with Bugatti breaking the 300mph barrier (482.80 kph) in a prototype Chiron earlier this month. As one might imagine, many of these observers are unimpressed with the slow-driving video.

Whether the car can actually perform as advertised is anyone's guess. But for now, one thing's for certain: the Devel Sixteen doesn't look like anything on the road.


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