DOTr Opens Two New P2P Bus Routes from Trinoma to Bulacan

Going to from Bulacan to Quezon City has become much easier, thanks to the newly-launched Point-to-Point (P2P) bus routes that go from Bulacan to Quezon City. The routes, which begin from Santa Maria, Bulacan or Robinson's Place in Malolos, Bulacan, heads over to its final destination--Trinoma North Avenue, Q.C.

Schedule for these routes start at 5 AM until 8 PM. According to the Department of Transportation (DOTr), 15 buses will be designated on these routes at fixed, 30-minute interval trips regardless of how many passengers are inside. There won't be any stops in the middle of the route, so they will travel from terminal to drop-off point without any interruptions.

The buses, will be air-conditioned, and equipped with features like CCTV, TVs, and Wi-Fi connection. It's also PWD-friendly, with a standard retractable wheelchair ramp for easier and more convenient access.

Payment system will involve re-loadable Prime Tap cards. So far, DOTr hasn't given more details on the exact fare for these bus routes. Stay tuned for more updates.

P2P services in the Philippines is an intitiative by the DOTr. It aims to help commuters find "reliable and safe mode of transport and help reduce the traffic volume in Metro Manila and beyond" by helping avoid long lines for waiting passengers. P2P services also give commuters peace of mind, because there is a set route and location that these buses follow consistently.

DOTrs partners for this venture include, Froelich Tours, RRCG Transport System, MetroExpress Connect, and Airfreight 2100.

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