Drilon: MMDA Should Have Power to Create Traffic Rules, Not Just LGUs

Drilon: MMDA Should Have Power to Create Traffic Rules, Not Just LGUs

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon and Senator Grace Poe have joined a consensus seeking to review the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) jurisdiction in managing traffic around the metro.

"I propose that we review the powers of the MMDA insofar as traffic management is concerned, because I think you can have a good debate on that," Drilon said to Poe, the chairperson of the Senate Public Services Committee.

Poe agreed with Drilon's statement, and also suggested expanding the MMDA's authority not just in Metro Manila, but in nearby areas as well.

According to ABS-CBN, Drilon made the suggestion after Bayan Muna chairman Neri Colmenares told the Supreme Court that the MMDA has no power to issue policies. Under the present constitution, this power is reserved for  local government units (LGUs) only.

Drilon believes that the MMDA should be able to formulate its rules for traffic management. This will make it easier for MMDA to manage traffic, since traffic rules won't vary depending on the city they're in.

"It’s about time we review, given the chaotic situation… otherwise, the implementer is hamstrung by the lack of authority," Drilon said. "We are not depriving LGUs of any power, it's just on that particular chaotic situation which has become so vital to our life, the management of EDSA."

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