FCA Makes Electric Vehicle Purchase Easier for Buyers

FCA Makes Electric Vehicle Purchase Easier for Buyers

Good news to all electric vehicle fans: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is making it easier to choose and purchase EVs and their accessories via their website. Now, all you need is to click a direct link on any of FCA consumer websites to buy a Mopar 240-volt wall charger on Amazon.com. You can even purchase quality installation services for any branded EV chargers via the link.


Unknown to many, FCA is not just known as a manufacturer of popular vehicles like the Fiat, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram and Maserati. It also specializes in selling parts and services under the Mopar name, and also operates in the components and production systems of the Teksid and Comau brands.

This move is one of the ways FCA want to improve customer awareness and convenience in EV buying. What's more, it gives customers a simpple way to calculate the total cost of their EV purchase online.


'Our industry is approaching an inflection point in demand for affordable long-range electric vehicles. This action is just one of FCA's efforts to improve awareness and convenience in the EV purchase experience,' said Micky Bly, Head of Global Propulsion System Engineering, FCA. 'We see opportunities to make owning an EV easier and creating a simple solution for at-home charging is among them.'

Using the direct link takes the guesswork out of customers who want to switch to electric vehicles. It also allows customers to buy a charger, ask questions about their home, browse through installation quotes, and even schedule a quality and licensed electrician to install their EV chargers.

FCA's Electrification Plans


FCA is making a long-term strategic move when it comes to transitioning to EVs. Currently, 2020 will bring in seven new high-voltage EVs to the FCA global lineup, including a number of electrified Jeep vehicles, a second generation Fiat 500 BEV, Fiat Ducato BEV and Maserati's first hybrid.

Aside from creating EV models, it is also signing two agreements in Europe with energy sector leaders Enel X and Engie "to support corporate production and distribution of PHEV and BEV vehicles". They have also partnered with Terna, an electricity provider in Italy. They are currently experimenting a two-way charging infrastructure built within the Mirafiori district that will "provide energy from cars to the grid when electrical demand is high and return to vehicle charging when the demand is low."

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