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Five Benefits Your Car Can Get from Shell Helix Ultra Engine Oil

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) has introduced the Helix Ultra engine oil, which is said to be developed using “ground breaking technology” to “meet every motorists’ needs.” The company adds that the Helix Ultra delivers better engine performance and protection.

The statements mentioned above are a bit vague. As such, we asked Shell PH what benefits a car can get when it is filled with its Helix Ultra engine oil. Here’s what we found out:

Natural gas-based fully synthetic oil

Shell PH said that the Helix Ultra engine oil is the first natural gas-based fully synthetic oil. It is made with PurePlus technology that enables Helix Ultra to have less impurities and sediments usually found in crude-based oils. Impurities and sediments can cause engine damage and corrosion over time. In addition, Shell Helix Brand Manager Anthony Wee shared that the Helix Ultra is like a distilled water, which is clean, pure, and has no impurities.

Car engines are protected from extreme temperatures

Shell PH claims that the Helix Ultra can withstand extreme temperatures. Your car’s engine parts are safe and protected from temperatures up to 1000°C. You don’t need to worry about your engine when you’re on a summer road trip.

Stays stronger for longer

According to Shell, Helix Ultra stays stronger for longer to provide “superior” protection against wear. It offers 32-percent better resistance to oil degradation and up to 50-percent less evaporation that contributes to fuel and engine efficiency.

Active cleansing technology

Aside from giving you better performance, Helix Ultra also protects your engine through its active cleansing technology. The said technology allows Helix Ultra to protect your engine from sludge and deposits that can compromise power and performance. In simple terms, the active cleansing technology cleans your engine in order to yield better performance and protection.

Engine warranty and roadside assistance

When you use Helix Ultra and register through Shell’s database (, you’re entitled to have an engine warranty for up to 12 years and a roadside assistance service. This is made possible through Shell PH’s partnership with AXA Partners Philippines, which is one of the largest assistance solutions companies in the country.

The engine warranty will cover engine problems caused by lubrication issues. On the other hand, Shell Helix Ultra users are given two roadside assistance every six months. Incidents can include towing and minor repairs like accidents, breakdowns, flat tires, battery boosting, emergency fuel delivery, and sending of locksmith.

Shell Helix Ultra is now available in all Shell retail stations and automotive supply shops with a price of P795 per liter and can be used for gasoline-and diesel-powered cars.

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