Flip-Flop Brand Sponsors McLaren F1 Team's Halo Cockpit Protection Equipment

The McLaren F1 team has found a company that will puts its name on the 'halo' cockpit protection equipment of its McLaren MCL33 race car, and it's a company that started with flip-flops, or tsinelas as they're known in the local parlance.

Lifestyle brand Gandys supposedly started with a single flip-flop design, and in what may possibly be called a stroke of genius, the company will have its name on the halo of the MCL33 Formula 1 race car at the upcoming Australian Grand Prix on March 25. The irony isn't lost since the unique shape of the halo has frequently been compared to the strap of a flip-flop.

McLaren Gandys Halo

The partnership between the McLaren F1 team and Gandys doesn't stop with the halo equipment though as both companies will collaborate to create a limited-run 'Halo-edition' flip-flop, with 100 percent of all profits going directly to the Orphans For Orphans foundation. These 'Halo-edition flip-flops will be available from gandyslondon.com and all Gandys' London stores, as well as through mclarenstore.com.

"The placement of the logo, on the MCL33's Halo, was not only perfect from a branding perspective, but also a great opportunity to underline Gandys'’ charitable commitment to providing a safer, more protective environment for those at risk," said McLaren Chief Marketing Officer John Allert. "Collaborating with Gandys on a limited-edition co-branded product was also a meaningful step for us. By giving 100 percent of all profits to the Orphans For Orphans charity, McLaren is also able to help a very deserving good cause."

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