Ford's new navigation tech stays on course even without cell coverage

Built-in car navigation systems are great and all, but as soon as you enter an area without cell coverage, more often than not, they become entirely useless. Ford’s new Telenav navigation tech aims to change all that.

Optimized for off-road adventures, Telenav not only functions in places without network coverage, it can also ensure Ford owners don’t lose their way when they take on the road less traveled.

The system continues to work in  network blind spots by storing maps and detecting the vehicle’s position based on telemetrics so it can continue routing in real time.

Aside from being optimized for off-roading, Telenav is also tweaked for trailer towing, guiding drivers to ideal routes and roads to take depending on the dimensions of their trailer so they can avoid sharp curves, low overpasses, and narrow bridges.

What’s more, the system is also updatable, with additional trail maps to be added in the future.

On-road and within coverage, the Telenav system supplies users with the latest maps providing updated info on dining places, parking spots, and hotels along the way. Telenav also provides traffic conditions instantaneously so F-150 and Bronco owners can decide on better routes. A voice assistant is also on-hand for hands-free operation.

Part of the SYNC 4 infotainment suite, the new Telenav system will be introduced in the Ford Bronco SUV family and the latest F-150 pickup to be released next year.

“Customers want connected vehicle technologies to work more like smartphones with real-time, personalized services – and that is exactly what we are offering with Ford SYNC 4 innovations such as Telenav’s navigation system,” said Gary Jablonski, manager, Ford Connected Vehicle Infotainment Systems.

“F-150 and Bronco drivers now can get richer, quicker location search results, tow more confidently with custom routes and keep following off-road trail maps where other navigation systems go dark when cell coverage ends,” Jablonski continued.

Using the Telenav system, F-150 and Bronco owners will also be able to see up-to-date nearby landmarks and businesses on their screens, complete with Yelp user ratings and descriptions. Meanwhile, Telenav’s one-box search technology makes looking up addresses and destinations smarter and more user-friendly, prioritizing results based on the user’s location and personal preferences.

Telenav can also make predictions relating to the user’s destinations, automatically making routing suggestions without the user having to press a button or initiate a voice command.

“Ford and Telenav are building on a long-term collaboration to help customers get the most out of their vehicles, whether it’s advising F-150 customers to steer around traffic jams to help save time getting to jobs or keeping Bronco off-roaders on track on their exciting adventures,” said H.P. Jin, Telenav Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re proud to be a partner in that with our connected navigation solution and services.”

We don’t know when the Bronco will reach our shores, and the 2020 F-150 model has just been released in the PH market, so the 2021 model may be a long ways away. Likewise, Ford makes no mention if the Telenav system can be upgraded retroactively to existing SYNC 4 systems. With these considerations in mind, it may take a while before we see the Telenav system equipped in a local Ford car.

For those interested in snapping up the 2020 Ford F-150, however, you can check out pricing, specs, and other info by clicking on this link.

Photo/s from Ford

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