GEM Motoring Assist Reiterates: Do Not Go Out

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This might sound irritatingly obvious to many, but still, allow us to remind those with extra thick skulls to please cancel all your excursions, trips, and rides for the time being. Really, there's a reason why we have a community quarantine happening in the first place. Don't think we're only targeting Filipinos here (and no, I'm not getting defensive here—NEVER!). There are a lot of hard-headed people in the world who like to take risks even with the Coronavirus around. Case on point: the UK. According to UK's road safety and breakdown recovery organisation GEM Motoring Assist, many people are still choosing to go out on excursions or even holidays, and ignoring government advice to stay in their homes. “We are seriously concerned at the number of people choosing to ignore government advice by heading off on excursions, days out or holidays," said GEM road safety officer Neil Worth. “Not only are large numbers of people ignoring warnings about social distancing, they also risk putting additional strain on an already over-stretched NHS.” “This is a national emergency, not a national holiday." Friends hiking Despite government warnings, a number of UK bikers were reportedly going into national parks and coastal towns across the country. According to Worth, he even heard a report where a motorcyclist lost control and crashed off the road on Sunday afternoon in Wales. He needed to be treated in an air ambulance and transferred to a hospital (that's already brimming with infected and really sick patients) with the help of a trauma team and even the police. “To put this kind of additional strain on the NHS right now is beyond selfish," Worth added. So there goes an added casualty that could have been avoided in the first place. Car hits motorcycle

It's not what you think

Contrary to what you might think, the risk of these individuals getting infected by the Coronavirus is just a secondary reason here. There are many sick people today that are in need of urgent care and treatment from health professionals. And with the lack of manpower right now, they don't need another patient to treat just because the patient decided to do an impromptu "Nat Geo" adventure trip with their friends. “Even if it’s a bright sunny day and the temptation is to enjoy a day out, our simple message reflects advice from doctors and government: if you choose to stay at home you will save lives.” Cleaning dishes So please, stay at home and play with your  pet(s). Watch Netflix; play chess with your Dad; challenge your siblings and cousins to League of Legends; cook something edible;  do some soul-searching;  sell your bike online; or alphabetize your mother's spice rack. And yes, you can even count your eyelashes if you want. But please, do it in your homes for now.  It will make everyone's lives easier (and safer).  

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