GM joins IRMA to support sustainability, human rights in EV supply chain


General Motors announced in a recent press release that it has joined the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA), adding another element to GM’s company programs that support the sustainability and human rights in  the EV supply chain.


  • What is the IRMA?

    The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) is a third-party certification body for industrial-scale mine sites that aim to promote responsible mining practices.
  • How does IRMA encourage responsible mining practices?

    IRMA aims to promote better mining practices by using the four principles of Business Integrity, Planning for Positive Legacies, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Responsibility.
  • The IRMA looks to promote responsible mining practice through a comprehensive set of standards covering the four principles of Business Integrity, Planning for Positive Legacies, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Responsibility.

    Access to battery materials is of increasing importance as the demands for automotive batteries increase with the introduction of more electrified vehicles from almost all automotive brands. On that note, GM reinforces its commitment to the responsible sourcing of the mined materials needed for EV production.

    “GM recognizes the important role we play within our supply chain, and we’re committed to making sure it reflects our dedication to social and environmental priorities,” said GM Vice President of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Shilpan Amin.

    “Joining IRMA will help us conduct business with suppliers and partners whose standards and actions align with our approach to integrity, responsible sourcing, and supply chain management. As we shift to an all-electric future, we look forward to helping advance the establishment of a responsible mining industry alongside other IRMA members,” Amin added.

    GM has already required its suppliers to meet the company’s standards and adhere to its values throughout the supply chain. GM’s IRMA certification builds on the requirements already in place by encouraging comprehensive, third-party assessments of mining practices while advancing a range of issues including health and safety, waste management, and compliance with local and international laws.

    In addition, GM said that its work with the initiative will also foster collaboration with other companies to share best practices and drive the transformation of the mining industry toward more responsible operations.

    "With GM's engagement in IRMA membership, a strong signal is being sent that the company's commitment to safety, inclusivity, and climate response reaches all the way up their supply chains to the lands and communities where raw materials are sourced,” commented IRMA Executive Director Aimee Boulanger.

    “This powerful message has the opportunity to forward value for greater environmental and social responsibility around the world. We are thrilled to work together for a shared purpose,” added Boulanger.

    Prior to GM taking part in this initiative, the automotive brand has already made several moves to promote the sustainability of an all-electric future including commercial collaborations and partnerships with other companies such as Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR), Ultium Cells LLC and Li-Cycle, Wolfspeed, Inc., and GE Renewable Energy among others.

    According to GM, the company plans to continue advancing sustainability within the EV life cycle through investment and innovation.

    Photo from General Motors

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