GM expands fleet telematics solution to non-GM vehicles in the US


General Motors (GM) announced recently that its exclusive fleet telematics solution, OnStar Vehicle Insights, can now be used with most non-GM vehicles via a plug-in adapter.

GM OnStar Vehicle Insights has helped companies manage their daily fleet operations. Nearly 3.5 million notifications and details of almost 16 million trips covering more than 246 million miles have been recorded since the introduction of GM’s fleet monitoring solutions.

The launch of the OnStar Vehicle Insights Fleet Adapter will allow fleet customers to utilize OnStar Vehicle Insights across their whole fleet, regardless of vehicle make or model year.

Developed by GM’s Global Innovation team, the OnStar Vehicle Insights Fleet Adapter can be plugged into the OBD-II port of non-GM vehicles, as well as GM vehicles built without OnStar hardware and model year 2014 or older GM models.

The adapter will help create a connection between the vehicle and the OnStar Vehicle Insights mobile app or website.

“Our goal is to help make fleet management as easy and efficient as possible for our current and future customers. We know many customers have mixed fleets, and we believe there is significant benefit in streamlining the process and monitoring a whole fleet using our singular platform,” said GM Fleet VP fo US Ed Peper.

Some of the features fleet operators can enjoy from the OnStar Vehicle Insights include a vehicle locator, vehicle health, driver behavior, performance insights, remote commands, and day trip summaries.

GM has also developed a new virtual coaching system which will be made available for the OnStar Vehicle Insights called the “in-vehicle coaching.” This feature allows real-time verbal cues to drivers such as seatbelt, acceleration, speeding, and braking alerts.

The automaker also announced OnStar Vehicle Insights' integration into the Ultium Charge 360 fleet charging service to help fleet customers with electric vehicles.

Both the OnStar Vehicle Insights and the OnStar Vehicle Insights Fleet Adapter are now available to GM customers in the US and Canada.

Photo from General Motors

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