Hyundai Malaysia offers Grand Starex with telematics services


Hyundai Malaysia packs the South Korean auto maker’s best-selling van with telematics services. The 24/7 protection and assistance package is offered as an optional add-on for the Hyundai Grand Starex.

The Hyundai Telematics, according to the automaker, is a connected vehicle system that uses embedded telematics to gather vehicle information. The gathered data will be used for Hyundai’s telematics services which include: eCall (automatic accident detection), Manual eCall (emergency assistance), and bCall (breakdown assistance).


In the event of a collision, Hyundai Telematics will automatically activate eCall to establish a voice connection to the emergency call center and send the vehicle’s location, Calling Line Identification (CLI) number, direction, time, and speed.

If the vehicle remains stationary after the accident, the operator will call the emergency hotline — in this case, Malaysia Emergency Response Services (MERS) 999 — and send emergency services to the vehicle’s location.

On the other hand, the Manual eCall can be activated to establish a call for emergency assistance should the driver, or any passenger, feel discomfort or encounter an emergency while on the road.

Meanwhile, those who run into a breakdown can activate the bCall or breakdown assistance when they find themselves stranded with their Hyundai Grand Starex.

The Hyundai Telematics is also capable of offering other features including Service Assist, which reminds owners of pending or upcoming service appointments, and Stolen Vehicle Tracking.

A mobile app is also available which features tracking, trip review, driving statistics, and remote command which allows owners to remotely block the engine or lock the doors.

Hyundai’s Malaysian customers will get the Hyundai Telematics retrofit kit for free with a free one-year service. Service renewal will set them back RM380 (Malaysian ringgit) per year while those planning to use the Hyundai Telematics for fleet management will have to spend RM250 annually.

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