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Here are Some Hidden Secrets You Can Find in Vehicles

Everyone has some hidden skeletons jiggling somewhere inside their closets–and this include vehicles. Of course, it’s not as exciting as watching the newest episode of ‘Game of Thrones,’ but they can still be a good topic to talk about after discussing the weather for 30 minutes (non-stop).

Here are some of the most interesting secrets that some car manufacturers haven’t told you when it comes to their cars.

Submarine settings on the Tesla Model S

We can hazard a guess that TESLA founder Elon Musk has a bit of obsession with James Bond–just look at his Model S and Model X and you’ll see traces of it.

Case in point: its touchscreen changes from TESLA to a Lotus Esprit submarine that was featured in the James Bond movie, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’

According to the, the famous technology tycoon actually bought the submersible that was used in the Bond movie during an auction. And the price tag was around USD1 million.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Golf Ball Gear Knob

It’s quirky when you look at it: a golf ball on the gear stick of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. But what makes it interesting is that for a serious vehicle that has received Car and Driver’s 10 ‘Best Cars Award’ for 12 consecutive years, it still maintains a good sense of humor.

Ford GT’s Headlights


When Ford GT celebrated it 100th anniversary last 2003, it made a decision to remind everyone that it has reached its 100-year milestone. How? By placing a ‘100’ symbol in its headlights. Now imagine if it reaches 1,000 years. That would be a lot of headlights to produce, wouldn’t it?

Toyota GT 86’s O.C. Moment


Toyota GT 86 was probably in an obsessive-compulsive mode when it decided to create the specifications of its GT 86.  According to, it decided to create a tribute to its AE86 Toyota 86 models by creating the exhaust engine to measure 86mm. They even made the bore and stroke of the engine to measure 86 mm as well.

McLaren P1’s Logo Headlights

We think there’s something about headlights that make them a serious business for car manufacturers. The McLaren P1, for example, upped the game by changing the shape of its headlights to resemble its ‘Speed Marque’ emblem.

In case you don’t know what it looks like, according to McLaren, it’s a “streamlined speed-mark which bears similarities to the vortices created by our rear wing… [and] evokes the aggressive markings found on predatory animals and insects.”

Yeah, so basically, it’s a “predatory” headlight for some reason. Meek headlamps should stay away.

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