Here are Euro NCAP’s top-performing cars of 2021


The European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) has helped consumers in its operating region make better decisions in buying brand-new cars in terms of safety. That said, Euro NCAP has announced the top-performing vehicles on its list.


  • How many categories did the Euro NCAP use in announcing the top-performing models of 2021?

    Euro NCAP used five classifications for the vehicles. These are small family car, small MPV, small off-road, large off-road, and executive pure electric.
  • Who were the announced winners in each division?

    The winners of the aforementioned classes are the Škoda Fabia, Toyota Yaris Cross, Nissan Qashai, Škoda Enyaq iV, and the Mercedes-Benz EQ S.
  • Five classes were listed by Euro NCAP, starting with small family car, small MPV, small off-road, large off-road, and executive pure electric.

    The winners in the aforementioned divisionsare the Škoda Fabia (Small Family Car), Toyota Yaris Cross (Small MPV), Nissan Qashai (Small Off-Road), Škoda Enyaq iV (Large Off-Road), and the Mercedes-Benz EQ S (Executive Pure Electric).

    “2021 was a tough year for the car industry: a shortage of parts, semiconductors in particular, was the sting in the tail of the COVID crisis, affecting development timelines, production, and sales. Still, we saw quite a number of new car models coming to the market, many of them electric or hybrid, and many of them achieving five-star ratings despite the demanding requirements. Well done to the winners as well as to the runners-up, some of which were very close contenders for the top slot in their respective categories,” says Euro NCAP Secretary General Michiel van Ratingen.

    The Euro NCAP Best-in-Class award is given to those cars which perform best overall in categories with at least three entrants for the year. Winners must have achieved a five-star rating and must have no critical body region colored red in the full-scale tests.

    Photo from Euro NCAP

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