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Here’s an Electric Scooter That ‘Roars’ Like a Motorcycle

It’s the age of the ‘green revolution’ these days. And with the average motorcycle creating 10 times more pollution per mile than a passenger car or an SUV, it’s no wonder environmentalists are encouraging riders to opt for their electric versions, instead.

According to, the average motorcycle can be more polluting than trucks. And accelerating hard can create more emissions. One indication here is that motorcycle roar that many of us are familiar with. The faster the speed, the more fuel it burns–and often, the noisier it gets.

Rumble Motors changes all of this by going all-out electric while giving you the option to feel (and hear) like you’re riding a motorcycle. And since it runs on electricity, then you wouldn’t have to worry about pollution when you do this.

According to, the 1,500W bike has a top speed of 70 kph,a range of 80 kilometers, weighs 231 pounds, and is powered by a 60-volt lithium ion battery pack. According to its funding campaign, it’s the first electric bike that comes “with an engine sound.” Charging is said to take two to three hours.

This family-owned company is a dream that has always stayed with the Khademi Family. Their dream was to create an electric bike that made you feel (and hear) like you’re riding a motorcycle.

The Rumble electric costs USD3,490, or around PHP187,000. Here are some of its other specs:

  • Wheelbase – 1250 mm
  • Net Weight – 105 kg / 231 lb
  • Wheel size – 110/70R12
  • Dimensions – 1800 x 460 x 860 mm
  • Motor Power – 2000W
  • Range per full charge – 100 km / 60 miles
  • Battery voltage – 72V
  • Charging Time – 2-3 hours
  • Motor Type – Hub-wound motor
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