Honda Cars PH shares fuel- and money-saving tips

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With the skyrocketing fuel prices and becoming a major pain for car owners, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has shared some tips that would help consumers get the most out of their drive.


  • What are the tips that Honda Cars Philippines shared to help save on fuel?

    The Japanese automaker's local automotive distributor said that drivers should get a fuel-efficient vehicle, follow the vehicle’s prescribed maintenance schedule, plan trips, remove excess baggage, drive smoothly, reduce idling, and keep tires properly inflated.
  • Where can customers get a detailed guide on the preventive maintenance and parts replacement schedule, and cost estimate for all models?

    HCPI said that the details are in its virtual showroom and after-sales.
  • 1. Follow the vehicle’s prescribed maintenance schedule

    Ensuring that the vehicle is good running performance will keep the vehicle running for a long time. Vehicles that do not undergo regular tune-up are more prone to breakdowns and consume more fuel. Check the owner's manual or warranty booklet for the recommended maintenance schedule.

    Through its website’s virtual showroom and aftersales, HCPI customers are given a detailed guide on the preventive maintenance and parts replacement schedule, and cost estimate for all models.

    Instead of the usual four required by other brands, HCPI said that it only prescribes two maintenance visits a year at authorized Honda dealers.

    2. Get a fuel-efficient vehicle

    According to HCPI, its range of vehicles are developed to provide dynamic performance and high fuel efficiency. Honda is among the first brands to equip its vehicles with a visual fuel-efficiency feedback mechanism known as the Econ button.

    HCPI photo

    Below are the models and their corresponding fuel mileage derived the from fuel economy runs organized by Honda Cars Philippines in partnership with the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP):

    To note, HCPI said that fuel economy runs have the following parameters: cruising speed of 60-80 kph at 1,500-2,000 rpm, and aircon setting of 24°C and blower fan speed of 1.

    3. Plan trips

    Plan every drive and avoid rush hour. Carpooling (when safe) and the use of navigational apps to dodge congested locations helps one's fuel economy too.

    Brio RS Blacktop

    4. Remove excess baggage

    Any additional 100-pound load on the vehicle would decrease fuel mileage by approximately two percent — even more on uphills.

    5. Keep tires properly inflated

    Tires that are below the required pressure gives the engine additional work. HCPI noted that based on studies, a one-percent decrease in tire pressure can lead to a 0.3-percent reduction in fuel economy and shortens the tire’s lifespan. Check the tires every two weeks to make sure that they are within the recommended pressure.

    5. Minimize idling

    Standing still while the vehicle is running means burning fuel without going anywhere. Avoid traffic as much as possible.

    6. Drive smoothly, not aggressively

    Smooth driving goes hand-in-hand with planning routes as one needs not to speed up when driving. On the other hand, driving aggressively increases fuel consumption and emissions and is unsafe for everyone on the road.


    Photos from Honda Cars Philippines, Ruben D. Manahan IV

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