Honda Celebrates 50th Year of National Youth Project Using Mini Bikes

Honda Celebrates 50th Year of National Youth Project Using Mini Bikes

Honda has just released a new Honda Kokoro video to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Youth Project Using Minibikes' (NYPUM).

Kokoro, which means heart in Japanese, is an apt name for Honda's video. The heartfelt video showed testimonials coming from administrators, NYPUM youth, parents, and leaders from the Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corps, a child welfare and juvenile justice nonprofit organization that advocates NYPUM's affairs. It revolved around the heritage, culture, people, products and community involvement that make Honda unique.

NYPUM is a free, national mentoring program for the youth (ages 10-17). Started in 1969, it utilizes mini bikes as part of motivating the kids to behave well and perform well in their studies. They can use the trail bikes and equipment anytime during the program, which can last anywhere between six to eight months.

"The kids love learning to ride and look forward to finishing all the lessons so they can ride around our corn field on our mountain and attend various field trips I plan as motivators and privileges for those who have finished. I also do a trip to a motorsport park in Tennessee. This also serves as a big motivator. Kids also have the [chance> to work afterschool on some days and earn a little money cleaning the barn, bikes, helping me with other classes demonstrating lessons," said Kristy from NYPUM.

"The youth who participate in NYPUM at Andrus Children’s Center rank NYPUM as the most important activity offered to them. They rank it so highly because it is an extremely fun activity that also teaches them important lessons about self control." said Sam from NYPUM.

Aside from individual development, NYPUM encourages teamwork and responsible riding skills, as it builds the child's self-esteem, self-discipline, and leadership abilities.

Students who perform well in the program are rewarded with trips to outdoor facilities, such as Hungry Valley or Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Areas (SVRAs). They can also ride the off-road motorcycles, and learn the value of protecting California's diverse cultural and natural resources. As a result, it teaches them the importance of environmental stewardship.

NYPUM presently operates  34 programs in urban, suburban and rural communities from Los Angeles to Boston.


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