Honda now offers Modulo kits for all-new City Hatchback

All-new CIty Hatchback

Genuine Modulo accessories are now available for the all-new Honda City Hatchback.

Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) said that though the newly launched vehicle embodies an overall sporty and versatile package, they are eyeing to “further enhance the ownership experience of its customers by introducing the model’s Modulo accessory lineup.”

According to HCPI, they are offering these accessories to let the customers dress up the vehicles and “enhance... to complement their diverse needs based on their active lifestyles.”

Modulo accessories for City hatchback

The Modulo accessories for the all-new City hatchback are front, side, and rear under spoilers; and door visors. These would further enhance the City hatch’s exterior by giving it a much sportier exterior appearance.

Aside from that, a rear cargo tray is also offered, which is set to provide improved functionality and protection for the rear cargo area.

The pricing for the Modulo kits for the All-New City Hatchback are as follows:

  • Modulo front under spoiler: ₱7,900
  • Modulo rear under spoiler: ₱10,600
  • Modulo side under spoiler: ₱13,000
  • Door visor: ₱3,900
  • Cargo tray: ₱2,600

Customers may also purchase select Modulo accessories through Honda’s LazMall Flagship Store.

Photos from Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.

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