Honda Safety Driving School now offers moto gymkhana course

HSDC Gymkhana

The Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) has just launched the motorcycle gymkhana course to enhance precision driving through numerous obstacles under time pressure.

In the latest course, the skills of student-riders are tested to check their throttle control, balance, and weight transfer abilities on tight corners in low speeds at the shortest time possible.

During the course, riders are generally required to wear complete protective gear (which includes a full-face helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and closed shoes).

HSDC Gymkhana course

HSDC shared they are welcoming all kinds of bikes in this course—be it an underbone or even high-displacement sports bike. “Either way, students can expect the same quality of training regardless of engine displacement,” HSDC mentioned in a statement.

HSDC assured that students are to be taught by top-class and highly-skilled instructors in the motorsport-style teaching.

HSDC Research and Development Leader for small motorbikes Alex Gregorio said that the incorporation of the Gymkhana with HSDC’s current course lineup is necessary, noting the growing local fan base in the field of motorsports.  He along with the whole HSDC team expressed firm belief that the latest course offered will augment to the school’s growing list of available courses, as well as add value and serve the students in a more unique manner. 

“Without compromising safety, Honda Safety Driving Center guarantees that learners of this course will truly harness the full capabilities not only of their motorbikes but also their skills in precision riding for a safer road for us and our families,” the road safety advocacy arm of Honda Philippines, Inc. noted.

Photos from Honda Philippines Inc.

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