Hyundai bags 9 honors at 2022 iF Design Award


Hyundai took home a bucketload of honors at the recently held 2022 iF Design Award. The South Korean carmaker has now been awarded by the world-renowned organization for the eighth consecutive year, recognizing the company in several disciplines.


  • What categories did Hyundai win awards for?

    Hyundai won awards for categories such as Automobiles/Vehicles, Product Concept,Trade Fairs/Exhibitions, and Printed Publication.
  • How many years has Hyundai won in the iF Design Award to date?

    Hyundai has been awarded eight consecutive years at the iF Design Award.
  • “We are honored to be recognized as a lifestyle mobility brand that forges strong emotional connections between people and vehicles by bringing more value to our customer’s everyday life. Our global design team has worked hand-in-hand with our engineers to inject passion and knowledge into every product, concept, venue, and communication venture with the aim of sharing our brand’s values,” said Hyundai Global Design Center Head SangYup Lee.

    Under the discipline of “Product” and the category “Automobiles/Vehicles,” Hyundai won awards for the Hyundai Staria and the Hyundai Collection, for products like the Trip Cart, the Pet House, and the Ultralight Magnetic Umbrella.


    The Hyundai Collection is a line of products designed “to provide mobility experiences in life for adults, children, and pets,” or for customers who don't drive.

    On the other hand, the Hyundai Seven, a new sport-utility electric vehicle (SUEV) concept as well as the Ioniq 5-based robotaxi won awards under the discipline “Professional Concept” and the category “Product Concept.”


    Meanwhile, Hyundai Motorstudio Busan — the company’s sixth brand experience complex which opened April last year — and Hyundai Motor’s booth at IAA Mobility 2021 won awards for the discipline “Internal Architecture” in the category “Trade Fairs/Exhibitions.”


    Finally, the "Hyundai Sustainability Report: Road to Sustainability," which details the company’s annual report using eco-friendly paper infused with plant seeds, has been awarded for the discipline “Communication” in the category “Printed Publication.”


    Photos from Hyundai and iF Design Award

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