Hyundai beefs up Kona

korean-spec kona

Hyundai announced that the all-new Kona for the Korean domestic market has been beefed up with multiple powertrain variants.


  • What are the three powertrain options announced for the Korean-market Hyundai Kona?

    Per Hyundai, the three powertrain options announced for the Korean-market Kona are IVE, HEV, and EV powertrains.
  • When will Hyundai disclose the details of the Korean-spec Kona EV?

    According to Hyundai, the brand will disclose the details of the Korean-spec Kona EV in March.
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    “We make a Kona for practically everyone and every lifestyle, with a range of advanced powertrains and a host of technologies and design features that will add value to our customers’ daily lives. Hyundai is committed to providing an optimized mobility experience to satisfy the varied lifestyles of our customers,” said Hyundai Motor Company Total Vehicle Development Tech Unit Head and Executive Vice President Heui Won Yang.

    Hyundai confirmed that the Kona will be available with an internal combustion engine (ICE), hybrid electric (HEV), and all-electric (EV) powertrains.

    The ICE models will be equipped with either a 1.6T-GDi or a 2.0L Atkinson engine. The former makes 195 horsepower (hp) while the latter makes 146hp. As for the HEV models, Hyundai fitted them with a specially calibrated 1.6-L GDi direct injection engine paired with an electric motor that puts out 139 horses.

    As for the EV variant, Hyundai said that its details will be disclosed in March.

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    Other confirmed features of the Korean-spec all-new Kona include a refreshed exterior design, larger dimensions, and a 12.3-inch integrated dual-screen display.

    korean-spec kona 2

    Further, Hyundai confirmed that it will release sporty N Line versions of each powertrain variant, although factors like market and trim level might affect its availability.

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